MGMT’s Optimizer, Stream Album Reviews & Lyrics

Inside the “Optimizer”

Check out this exclusive teaser trailer for MGMT’s the “Optimizer.”   Want to download the entire visual experience? Purchase their new album to get the thing in it’s completeness. Everyone here at the office is a big fan albeit slightly confused and I bet you are too!

 What is this all about?

The Optimizer gives fans a simultaneous visual and audible listening experience by combining video and Computer Generated Animation art, it is designed as part of the enhanced album package which is available on all commercial formats from the official website.

About The Band

MGMT are an American rock band known for their wacky videos, formed in 2002 originally consisting only of  Benjamin Goldwasser and Andrew VanWyngarden, they were signed by Columbia Records in 2006. Their first album  Oracular Spectacular, debuted at No. 12 on the UK album chart, and has been a success in the music industry ever since. MGMT combine elements of rock, pop and dance to create their distinctive sound.

The band has been a favourite of critics in the music industry since early 2007 when gave them the honour of the title “Artist of the Day”. Within that same year Rolling Stone added them to their “Top 10 Artists to Watch” in 2008, the same year the BBC named them 9th in their Top Ten Poll of listeners.

Associated Artists

The band was formed in 2002 and is still together and still current, many people have compared their sound to Beck and cited Tame Impala and Pond as similar artists. They have been associated with the band The Flaming Lips with which in 2007 they collaborated to release their major record label debut, the album Oracular Spectacular.

MGMT were a support act for indie rock/alternative Oxford based band Radiohead on the Manchester, UK date of their world tour.

Fun Facts

  1. The band was‘s most played new artist in 2008
  2. They were nominated for a Grammy under the category of ‘Best New Artist’ in 2010 Awards
  3. Their 3rd and self titled album was released on September 17 2013 and was available exclusively to stream via the Rdio music service from September 9th.


Singles from MGMT

  • “Alien Days” is Released on April 20, 2013
  • “Your Life is a Lie” will be released on August 5, 2013
  • Finally, “Cool Song No. 2” will be the third and final single currently planned for release in September 17, 2013
MGMT the Album
MGMT the Album, this photo was originally taken outside the recording studio where the album was recorded, the studio is based in New York.


MetaCritic a review aggregation website give it a rating of 62/100 based on the average aggregated scores from professional and personal reviews posted throughout magazines and the internet. Noted sites such as AllMusic gae it 4/5 Stars and the Alternative press gave it the best review of all at 4.5/5 stars. Particularly harsh reviews came from The AV Club which rated it a D and which gave it a 4/10 describing the sound of the album as “confused”. The band has been rumoured as saying they do not read reviews but make their music for the fans. This certainly makes sense given that they have millions of global fans and regularly sell out global tours to all continents.



Check out the lyrics for the latest album here

The track listing is:

  1. Alien Days
  2. Cool Song No. 2
  3. Mystery Disease
  4. Introspection
  5. Your Life Is A Lie
  6. A Good Sadness
  7. Astro-Mancy
  8. I Love You Too, Death
  9. Plenty Of Girls In The Sea
  10. An Orphan Of Fortune

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