Maroon 5 – Makes Me Wonder Summer Set

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About the Band

Originally from Los Angeles, California and best known by their front man Adam Levine, Maroon 5 formed in 1994 and have been active ever since. Their sound is described as pop-rock with elements of funk & new soul. In total 6 members make up the lineup:

  • Adam Levine – Lead Vocals & Guitar
  • Jesse Carmichael – Guitar & Backing Vocals, Keyboards
  • Mickey Madden – Bass
  • Ryan Dusick – Drums

Fun Facts

The band is also Known as “Kara’s Flowers”, this was their original name not changed until 2001 when the band reformed with new guitarist James Valentine under the name of Maroon 5.



Their first album was released while they were in high school and was called “We like Digging?”. Their first album to be released on a major label was “The Fourth World”, this was on Reprise Records in 1997 – this was before the band mates had even attended university!

Their sound didn’t take off until their breakthrough album released in 2002 on Octane Records, the album was named “Songs About Jane”. This created a lot of success, they won the 2005 Grammy for “Best New Artist” and their single “Harder to Breath” was a huge hit on the Radio.


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